How to know if you’re an employee or a freelancer

People with normal jobs often dream of becoming a freelancer.

They imagine that being a freelancer means they’ll be they’re own boss, and that they’ll never have to do work they don’t enjoy.

They’re wrong.

Both employees and freelancers have bosses. In fact, freelancers have many bosses.

Both employees and freelancers have to do work they don’t like. But freelancers actually have to do even more of the work they dislike. Have you every met a freelancer who enjoys administration? Me neither.

There are really only two things that freelancers have that employees don’t.

  1. The freedoms to say no to clients they don’t like.
  2. The freedom to pursue clients of their choosing.

If you never exercise either of those freedoms, then it doesn’t matter that you’re “self-employed”. You’re still acting like an employee.

With freedom comes responsibility. If you’re not ready to take responsibility for those freedoms, they you’re not ready to be a freelancer, and you should probably keep your day job.

But once you learn how to exercise those freedoms, that’s when you work starts to get better. That’s when you start to thrive. That’s when you truly become a freelancer.