It’s lonely at the top… and at the extremes.

Few can keep up with a marathon runner. But just as few have the patience to sit still.

Few can debate at the level of Noam Chomsky. But just as few have the compassion to converse with the mentally handicapped.

Few are as virtuous as Mother Theresa, or Ghandi. But fewer still will lend company to a murderer, or a criminal outcast.

The extremes are lonely by definition.

Some extremes are thus upon us, but others we choose.

Regardless of the metric, if you hold yourself to too high or too low a standard, you’ll soon find yourself alone.

The pursuit of any virtue can result in loneliness. But loneliness itself is not a virtue.

When you pursue extremes, make sure you’re aware of the tradeoffs. And make sure your pursue the right ones.