What comes after the American Dream?

The American wakeup.

I recently met couple in their 60’s who sold everything they owned and moved into a small apartment in downtown Philadelphia. I asked them what prompted the move. This is what they said.

“Well, we lived in Connecticut for 30 years, and it was nice. But one day we woke up and realized that our kids had moved out and weren’t coming back, and meanwhile we’re living in this big house full of nice things that we don’t even have the time, let alone the energy, to use.

And then we suddenly realized that our big TV, our grand piano, and all our nice things, they weren’t making our life any better. They were actually making it worse! It was a real wake up call.

So later that day we decided it was time to move on. Three month’s later, we sold our house and everything in it, and we moved closer to friends and family.”

I asked them if they feel they made the right choice.

“Oh, yes. Now we’re really living the dream!”