Truth is dead, and we’ve killed it.

It’s easier now than it’s ever been to find confirmation for your false beliefs.

“Seek and ye shall find,” but even when we seek the wrong thing?

We tend to interpret new evidence as confirmation of our existing beliefs.

You’re arguing with a friend. You pull out your phone and type your theory into Google, and in less that a second you get a dozen articles to prove your point. The problem is, your friend did the exact same thing, and found just as many that support the opposite view. You each leave even more entrenched in your own beliefs.

The danger of the information age that it’s entirely possible to find supporting evidence for any belief, regardless of its validity. Haters, deniers, and conspiracy theorists of all stripes are emboldened by new-found access to their respective support communities.

It’s not Google’s fault, and it’s not the internet’s fault. It’s our fault. We killed the truth when we stopped looking for it. We killed it by not believing in it.