Have you stopped learning?

No. Learning just got harder because you just stopped being taught.

Unlike testing, learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from college. In fact, some people joke that the real learning doesn’t even start until after college, when you enter “the real world”. The joke is funny because it’s true.

Our education system does a pretty bad job of preparing us for the real world. Mostly because it insists on “teaching” us facts instead of teaching us how to learn.

In our first job after college, we feel like we’re starting from scratch. We look for someone to teach us the ropes, but instead our employer simply hands us the work and expects us to teach ourselves.

Some of us learn how to do our job. Some don’t. But only a few of learn something more valuable – how to teach ourselves. And that’s where the real learning begins.

If we don’t teach kids how to learn, they’ll simply become adults who still need education. And maybe adult education is not a bad idea, but in the meantime the best thing we can to is to get better at learning.