Are you in the death spiral?

That feeling when you realize you’ve spent the last hour flicking your thumb though your social media feed, and you wonder where the time went, that time that you will never get back – That’s the death spiral.

In real life it’s easier to avoid.

Imagine going to a mall, walking directly to the atrium in the center, and then walking around in circles for an hour, gawking at everyone you pass. That’s the real life equivalent of how most of us use social media. You wouldn’t do that, would you?


Instead, you’d probably walk in, go to your destination, and buy what you need. On the way out, you might see something in a shop that catches your eye. You might check it out, or even buy it. As you leave you’d spot someone you know, you’d stop and chat, maybe even buy coffee together. Then you’d go home.

That would be the equivalent of opening your phone, reading only the first 3 posts in your feed, and reading one linked article before putting your phone down. But that rarely happens.

When we’re on social media, we don’t experience time the same way. We forget that our time is valuable, and so we waste it.

Protect your time. Keep your nose up. And stay out of the death spiral.