You mustn’t let people make your nervous

Peter is young artist proud of his ability to explore and master new skills. George is an middle-aged, former chef, and ruthless critic of all things outside himself. Peter is cooking dinner in the kitchen as George looks on. Under the watchful gaze of his roommate, Peter is frantically dashing about the kitchen opening and shutting cabinets, misplacing spoons, spilling flour, and otherwise botching the whole meal.

So George says to Peter, “You know, Peter, you really seem quite frazzled. To be a good cook you must be calm and collected.”

Peter replies, “Well, George, perhaps your watching me makes me nervous, and in my nervousness I choke.”

George rebukes, “Oh, but Peter, you MUSTN’T let people make you nervous!”

“I know,” says Peter, “Thats why I just asked you to stop.”